Our history

It all started with a simple idea: why not transform an everyday accessory into an essential technological tool? This is how the Sploof charger bracelet was born, a perfect marriage between style and practicality.

Innovation on the wrist

In a world where technology and fashion constantly intersect, Sploof was born from the vision of combining these two worlds. Our mission ? Providing a stylish and functional solution for modern individuals who are always on the move.

Why choose Sploof?

  • Superior quality: Each bracelet is designed with care, using premium materials and reliable connectivity to ensure an exceptional experience.
  • Simple, Effective Design: Sleek, modern, and versatile, the Sploof Bracelet easily complements every outfit while providing a handy charging solution.
  • Customer commitment: Your satisfaction is our priority. From order to delivery we are committed to offering impeccable service and ongoing support.

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